tisdag 1 februari 2011

Hi 5!

NCSOFT finally decided that it is time to put up the pts for the chronicle high five in the game Lineage II!

High Five features a reduced XP requirement for characters at level 78 or above, and clan levels 6, 7, and 8 will see a similar adjustment in terms of reputation points and member number requirements. The update is also bringing a ton of new character skills to Aden, as well as an extensive list of changes to existing skills. New quests and hunting zone revamps are also in the works (specifically Antharas' Lair and Dragon Valley), and numerous weapons, armor, and jewelry can now be purchased at the Giran Luxury Shop with Adena instead of crystals.

Patchnotes for daggers;

 Throwing Dagger (level 80): Throws a dagger to attack and decreases target's moving speed. It is available when a dagger is equipped.

Dual Blow (level 83): Attempts a powerful deadly attack. It is available when a dual dagger is equipped.

  • Lucky Blow (level 83): Deals a powerful deadly attack. Target enters the Spoil state. Half Kill/Instant Kill is possible
Great, now even the dwarves can lethal shot you...
  • Festive Sweeper (level 28): Able to use sweeper on multiple targets within range.
 This has actually been in-game for about 6 chronicles, all tho there has been no legit way to get it, way to go NCsoft.

 All patch notes can be found here

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  1. Ive never played this before. Ill be sure to give it a try.

    following and supporting

  2. The "throwing dagger" part reminds me of the movie "Big Trouble in Little China". Kurt Russell sure is level 80 in that special art.

  3. those are some very interesting changes

  4. never got into lineage II but i know a lot of people that have played it and complained about it lol

  5. played linage a while, good game

  6. this game doesnt look to bad will check out


  7. Tried to get into Lineage multiple times, really want to like it.

    Yet I cant help but feel I've "missed the boat" so to speak :(

  8. Man this brings back some memories. I really miss the private server days on this game..gonna be following. Your post also gave me some ideas for my own blog. Check it out if you want.